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ORO-TEK TPMS sensors are a drop-in replacement for OEM TPMS sensors. Underinflated tires waste fuel and adversely affect handling, and under inflation can cause ply separation and casing breakdown, which can lead to complete tire failure, accidents and injuries. That's why TPMS sensors need to be replaced in a timely manner and ORO-TEK is the best choice!

These sensors will work exactly like your factory sensors, including reprogramming them to the individual corner of the car when they’re replaced or the tires are rotated. They’ll fit virtually all aftermarket wheels, because the angle of the sensor is adjustable relative to the valve stem so they’ll lie flat against the inside of the wheel.

Find complete ORO-TEK parts selection at CARiD: ORO-TEK | Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems -
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