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P0442 Evap leak detected(small leak)?

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New to the Forum, hope all is well with you all...
2005 VW Golf GL 2.0 146k+ on it.
Had the "Gas Cap" light come on, messed with the cap and the light goes off..ended up replacing the cap(oem), shortly after the gas cap light goes off the check engine light comes on with the P0442 code? Replaced the purge solenoid yesterday and not sure if I just need to give the computer more time to run the diagnostics or??? Anyone else have this problem or maybe point me in the right direction? I did check all the hoses around the solenoid, they looked fine... Found my charcoal canister and evap pump in my passenger side rear wheel-well. The pump assembly had a removable filter which I blew out with my compressor(really was dirty)....all those hoses and connectors looked fine too?

UPDATE1- Just ordered a smoke system...will let you know what I find out but still open for suggestions.



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