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Hi guys. New to the forum but please if anyone can help it would be appreciated. I have a Passat SE TDI Bluemotion.
I have wired in a dash cam and cannot for the life of me work out which of the mini fuses I can piggy back on which are not permanent live.

Unfortunately the 12v socket is an ATO but I have MINI piggy back.
I've tried F10 which is the info display / infotainment controls but this seems to stay live after switch off.
Same on F7 operating unit for air conditioning, stays on after switch off.

I've seen a comment elsewhere suggesting F19 but have no idea what this is our if ok for this model Passat. I'm reluctant to just plug it in and see what happens.
Does anyone know the fuse layout, or have any experience of this please? Attached is layout in my car and ref from manual.
Thanks in advance.


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