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I have a 04 phaeton, won't start been to 4 mechanics...will not turn over, had the
electrical issue that was fixed a year ago.. steering column,.then it happened again this March. No one
can get it started nor want to mess with it...even local vw dealer...
I still owe like 4000....I know but I love this car...the window won't go up, dash parts
inside it...
can I recoup any of my money by selling it? Anyone suggest any ideas on getting rid
of it? I am still paying on it...tried all the tricks on the posts....relays to some degree,
just don't have the money to have someone diagnosis it. Sometimes I think its simple,
sometimes I think I should junk it. I do not have the money nor time to fix it...any place
I can post it for sale? Think there are people like me that love the car and would want it
not running? It is electrical for sure....something, somewhere...I make the payments and
have insurance on it and am done!
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