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Afternoon, Ive just got back from the company who are going to remap my 1.8T, and they have told me its running low on boost, its currently running at 0.4Bar but apparently it should be at 0.6Bar? I had boost issues in the past that were fixed by a MAP sensor on the intercooler, which gives me the 5-6PSI of boost I get currently, which I thought was normal for a 1.8t AUM engine? But he's given me a list of possible things that could be causing it, exactly as written below;

Possible Reasons:

*N75 Valve (Already changed once)
*Leaking DV valve (I have replaced the standard one with a Forge 008 & just tried switching back to the standard one but no difference)
*MAF Sensor (Replaced with working 2nd hand part about a month ago)
*Turbo Actuator

Please somebody help, they've quoted me £60 an hour for diagnostics & I don't want to pay that if I can help it as the tuning session & rolling road is already costing me £330.

Many many thanks in advance
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