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Hello guys.✋

I'm new here, created an account to find answer to my problems.
I have a MK3 1995 1.6 ABU Golf (1H1). I have it for 2 months, it's my first car and its quite a journey...

So the biggest problems is, when acceleration in 3 - 4 gears ( this possibly happens in lower gears too, but not so noticeable on lower speeds ) in around 1,5K RPM engine starts to feel under-powered, not like it lacks power (it does, but...), but loses it on the go, RPM drops 0,2-0,15K RPM'S and after a second or two it wakes up and starts accelerating smoothly again. And it happens almost every time on acceleration.

2nd problem is deceleration with engine ( clutch engaged ). When clutch is engaged and gearbox is in gear 1 or 2 releasing accelerator on RPM higher than 1-1,5K car jerks a lot and immediately drops RPM to idle. I don't know if it's a problem or its just normal. Like I said I've got the car not so long ago, and i got my drivers license 3 month's ago, and while learning to drive, I drove a manual gearbox car in driving school and I've never experienced that.

On the dash there is no check engine or anything else, only blinking oil light, but the problem is known that the high oil pressure sensor is dead ( light starts blinking after reaching >2.2K RPM's ) and I'm waiting on replacement to arrive. And I don't know if the problems are somehow connected, or it could be separate stories...

Checked other forums and found that some people suggest that fuel pump is faulty, but the fuel pump was installed new, by myself after i got the car, so my first journey was very entertaining, from the place I picked up the car, like half way home, fuel pump died and i got home by a tow truck.🤦‍♂️

So I'll be waiting for suggestion's where to start looking for the problems.👊

Sorry for bad English, quite so time I didn't used it...
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