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I have a 2021 V6 Diesel Elegance here in Australia and have some questions I'm hoping someone can help with please.

1) Is there a way to quickly turn on the parking camera? I have the P button in the top right of the screen but I need to push it once and then select the P with camera icon. Is there a quicker way?
2) When driving into the garage (or other situations) in forward/Drive, the parking sensors come on with the image of the vehicle, but not the actual front camera or 360 cameras. If I want the cameras on, I have to actually push the P icon to turn it off, then go through the two steps to turn it back on with the cameras - seems clunky.
3) Is there a quick way to reset the odometer reading after filling up with fuel rather than the 5 steps to Vehicle - settings - instrument cluster - settings - Reset odometer.?
4) Is there a way to have auto brights on by default?
5) Once auto brights are on, how do you turn it off without flashing the lights? (if they are on and actually in brights mode, then pushing the stalk turns it off no problem, but if auto brights are on but not active, pushing the stalk flashes the brights)
6) Once parked, is it possible to have the car automatically lowered from normal drive mode?
7) How do I disable the interior alarm?
8) If installing an aftermarket towbar, is there an electric brake controller built in or will we have to drill into the dash to fit a controller? Does the tow / trailer assist function work?

Thanks all
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