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Rabbit Convertible Fuse panel mess

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Hey all!

just got this car a few months ago for a new project and have been trying to figure out the wiring issues before I move into the engine.

The fuse panel that I have is all sorts of jumbled around and doesn’t seem to match any of the references I have (Haynes handbook, Bentley bible.. no luck). So as a last resort I am asking someone who is more knowledgeable than I am, and hope you can help me.
I’ve been trying to get the engine to crank over with the ignition switch but I think there is something wrong with the wiring. My dash still lights up when turned over to the first position and I tested the starter in and out of the car and it seems to work just fine. The ignition key switch seems to be working as I can hear a relay clicking when I turn to start, but the starter doesn’t engage.

I'm also confused about relay 4 being in the position it's in because it seems to be a seat belt buzzer, which according to my books shouldn't be in that spot.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I have no clue where to start with this because nothing seems to be where it is supposed to be. (it's a long shot, but if you know where that brown wire connects to I'll love you forever.)

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What year is your Rabbit, the model, and Diesel or Gasser (CIS or Carbed?).
All Cabriolets or Rabbit Convertibles are all European Built. You have to use the GOLF or Cabriolet Haynes/ Bentley.

Then when using the Haynes or Bentley you have to peruse all the extra pages at the rear that may be specific to your model and options installed.

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Ok, I had to search your posts, it is a 1982 Volkswagen Cabriolet. usually Gas.
From there.
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yeah sorry I probably should have started with that. it’s an 82 rabbit convertible, I’m planning on doing a carb swap because I bought it with the cis completely missing from the bay. The electrics seem to “work” for the most part (dash lights up and I have some light functionality). I was primarily concerned about the relay in “M”. Because it’s a seat belt buzzer but the book says that it’s supposed to be for the wipers. Would that relay still work for that application? Or should I pull it and replace it?
The wipers on a 80 ish cabriolet use a special relay that has a in-built 2 second delay in the down position of the wiper switch. Some switches have to be modified for the relay to work, but I would suggest that you get the proper relay first. has a plethora of good info on the relays and switches as well as a lot of DIY's.
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