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Rabbit Convertible Running Funny

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I ended up "fixing" my overheating issue I addressed in my last thread but now I got a new problem..

I took the car to work which is about a 13 mile drive, 11 of those being highway. On my way in I was doing a steady 65-70 with the motor at about 3300RPM, traffic speed picked up some so as normal I accelerated but the car seemed to miss and sputter with almost no acceleration or gain in speed at all... It bogged down to about 3000RPM and got worse to the point I pulled off at an exit, as I slowed down the engine idled at around 1000/900 and wanted to die out.
Coming to a complete stop the idle dropped to a choppy 500/450 until I shut the motor off.

I let the car sit for a good few minutes brainstorming what it might have been. Started it up and finished the drive. Leaving work the car drove fine. No bogging nothing stupid.
THEN I took it out a few days later in town avoiding the highway but getting enough speed to simulate it the car did the same thing as before. Idled funny, didn't want to accelerate and died. Here's the kicker, I took it home parked on a small incline to open my garage door and the car was stumbling real bad. Pulling forward it almost didn't want to and tried dying but when I parked it back in my garage, flat concrete floor the idle picked back up to it's normal 950/1000 and I could give throttle it without it acting up...

I've replaced a few vacuum lines, but haven't tested for leaks. 'New' plugs and new wires. I replaced the boot covering the the airflow plate, also checked the plate noticed a little but of oil. I read around and a fuel pump relay didn't sound like a bad idea so I replaced that but still nothing changes it.

I'm stumped as hell.
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CabriWoes, all the while I am reading the descriptions of how it is acting I am think, fuel delivery problem. Fuel filter, gas tank screen and the like. I would drop the tank or at least get a view in there and see how much gunk is floating in the system. Sounds like when you use gas long term it just plugs the line or the screen and when you shut it down that stuff returns to a different place in the tank.

Go after the tank stuff first, it should not be a hard thing to do.
Looking up a filter now, found a Napa SFI 23156, looks pretty much the same but I'm not looking at my car right now so I cant be sure.
I'm not trying to drop the tank just yet
Do you have a full sized spare tire or a space saver tire? need to know before I give you a heads up? 84-84.5 Full sized spare. 84.5-93 Space saver spare tire.
This is key in your previous thread: "Then it sat, for years until recently I got my interest in the Ole Girl back."

These cars do not like sitting for extended periods.

If this car has a space-saver tire, that means it has an in-tank fuel pump. I suggest you remove the in-tank pump to check the condition of the tank, the pump hoses, the pump filter screen, and the gasoline itself. Replace and clean any components as needed. If you did not do so when reviving the 'ole girl, you should drain the tank and put new gasoline in it, along with a can of SeaFoam. You should also pull the injectors and give them a thorough cleaning, if you have not already done so, along with replacing O-rings, inserts/holders: .

And, yes, replace the fuel filter:

You'll also want to do this:
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