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Rabbit MK1 dash lights

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Should there be lights in instruments somewhere else than just the speedometer/clock -panel, I mean should there be lights in heater switches? I found one loose wire and bulb holder behind the radio and I don't figure out where they should go. Radio is aftermarket one, I thought original one could have lights from that, but it was my guess.
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There are lights in the Rabbit for the heater controls, but for the life of me I can't remember exactly where they are other than for the clocks, and my favorite ETKA is OOC (off line) but there is the 7zap.

part number 5 the bulb is n 0177512 2watts

You have to be warned that you may have to look to other models as I did to find the answers as the 80 rabbits are devoid of information.
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Thanks for the information. My dashboard in 1981 model looks different than in your picture, but that gives me some direction in this case.
There is one light that plugs into the righthand side of the heater control in the back. It is a PINA to get it in there. You have to get the little tabs on the plug lined up with the openings on the plastic piece then turn it 90 degrees to lock it in place. This might be best done by removing the glove box. At least you can see what you are doing and it is only a few screws to put back when you are done.
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