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81 VW Rabbit - gas. 1.7 engine
Tank was filled during storage w/ 2 Stabil's added. The vehicle was turned over ev.3 months.
Turns over but won't start. This vehicle has been in our family since new w/ regular maintenance.
My dad died last Oct.and it would be fun to get this up and running, it so wants to!

We've tried a number of things.
Replaced fuel.
replaced fuel pump
Replaced.dist.cap and rotor (issues)
replaced plugs
Cables appear in good condition.

The vehicle will turnover but will only fire a little.
Plugs appear 'wet'.

NOTE: Iknow just enough to e dangerous! ;)

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wet plugs, would mean to me that it is getting too much gas from the gold start injector if so equipped.
see: she has a ton of diy's and trouble shooting on the CIS.
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