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First I would check all your fuses.
Second I would check and or replace your battery to frame and frame to engine grounds, as looking at the picture the
ground wire end has been replaced, but if the Cable is dirty brown, and or green tints to it, check for voltage drop between the Frame and the Battery.

You can also use a pair of battery jumper cables and place one pair on the Battery Negative post to the strut tower nuts, then the other goes from the Battery negative to the engine block to the engine lift eye, that is on the front rear corner of the engine.

When you turn on your ignition from off to run you should hear the fuel pump run for 4 seconds. Try it again and let it cycle a couple of times, turning full off then to run, then try to start the engine. If you haven't put some Fresh Gas in it I would do that too.

If the jumper test turns out, and it is trying to start, I would replace the main grounds, and the Battery to frame is easier to get to under the car as it is on the driver side frame horn under the air filter. You can use 2 off the shelf cables for it.
and a couple of large washers between the frame horn and the nut.

Next I would get a hold of a bentley or haynes manual (no chiltons) then jumper the Fuel pump relay out to get the fuel pumps powered as the fuel pump relay is the first go to that I would do, read the electrical pages at to get the proper replacement relay, and I would order a ignition switch.

With the Car in Nuetral, Parking brake full on place one battery Jumper on the battery and the other end touch it to the starter solenoid wire, that is a red/white wire (14 gauge) on the left side of the starter solenoid to validate that the starter can spin. If the solenoid spins the starter, then you need to replace the ignition switch.
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