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Hi there, i have a problem with my rear doors.
They won't open from the inside nor the outside. I can hear and feel each latch working but nothing is happening. The central locking button from inside the car is working fine and all locks move up and down simultaneously, however the batteries need replacing in the fob but i don't think this would affect it? Maybe they are deadlocked? (new batteries on the way) All electric windows work fine also.

I bought the car last week and the battery was completely flat, it had been stood for 4 months, not even the ignition lights came on! The battery has since been charged, but again, i'm not sure if this would affect the rear doors opening in any way?
Is there any fuses/relays or anything i can check for just the rear doors?

There is also an issue with the front drivers door lock. It operates fine with the central locking button on the inside, but when using the key manually and putting it in the door lock (when locked) it just doesn't unlock, you can see that it trys to move but it doesn't happen.
If the door is already unlocked and you go outside and try to operate the lock with the key it will lock itself but again not lock. No idea whats going on there, anyone have any ideas??

Thanks in advance, James.
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