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Well what do all these parts have in common?

Headlight relay time

I used a set of Honda headlight retractor relays off a 87 accord (they are rubberrized and capable of holding 40amps.) and they have a handy mounting bracket.

Before install 11.6vdc at the headlight.

After the install at the headlight.

Since it was daylight when I did this, the before and after are:


I used 2 new headlight sockets, 16g wire, 2 20amp fuses, a bunch of solder less 3m connectors.
I only have to make 2 wire cuts, that was the High beam white wire before the hi-beam connector.

Everything is totally reversible in about 3 minutes.

I used spade connectors to insert in to the driver side socket to use to pick the relays.

Circuit design
Caveats, if you have 13.5V between the ground connection and your battery, then your grounds to the sockets are good.
If not then you need to check to see that your battery grounds are cleaned up, and or that you make new grounds to the headlight sockets.
I would be best to add an additional ground to the frame to the ground wire of the replacement headlight socket. My Diagrams show no ground, because I am using the Factory grounds which in my case are good.

Some hi-lights

Start with 44 inches of 3 different wires

make the "hi-beam with a pig tail 6" long

Use a good crimping tool

Find and clip the "hi-beam" wire

Attach the pig tail to the White wire.

Heat shrink the bitter end that goes to the socket.

Tape off the original socket

To secure the new harness place it behind the power steering res bracket and under the valanve and on the grille side of the a/c condenser bracket

Close the tie-wrap

Insert it in the hole int he valance that is to the left of the a/c condenser mount.

Feed the harness through the hole and tighten

When I am making a ground connection, I stagger the ground to be away from the other connections and tape over all connectors.

I now make the other side of the harness (drivers side) to include the "pick wires" the battery connections, and the relays, Tape the harness to prevent runaway wires, and abrading.

I attach to the bracket and it looks as such. I don't use more than a foot of wires on the drivers side harness. Cut to make pretty and for fitment.

Finished relay bracket and mount. The Bracket is off a 86 honda civic...

Here is an updated design using 3 relays, this allows the low beams, and the High beams to work together when you place the "highs" on.

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