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Your Parcel Shelf is paramount to maintaining your top.
If your top leaks and destroys your parcel shelf it is wise to take a couple of hours and
remake it.

The shelf not only hides what is in your trunk, but supports the rear window when you are driving topless.
If the window is not resting on the shelf it adds strain to the top vinyl and can cause it to prematurely fail.

As I am doing my umptenth top, the parcel shelf was missing, I found it underneath everything in the trunk.

Here is how I recreated a destroyed shelf.

Parts and tools:
Tape Measure
Pencil or Sharpie
2X4 foot piece if 1/4" Masonite, or Water Resistant Plywood.
A good hand stapler, and 1/4 inch staples.
1/8 drill bit
5/16 drill bit
Flat blade Screwdriver
Saw Jig or Circular
1/2 round bastard file (course)
Primer (black is great).
Bar Stock
2 Vice Grips

First you have to remove all the staples off the back that holds the carpet, so you can take the carpet off.

The bad shelf devoid of carpet.

Measure the widest part: 36 1/2 the narrowest is 33 1/2 measured 1 inch below the tongue notch

Measure the narrowest: 22 3/4

So the rough demensions are 36 1/2 tapering to 33 1/2 X 22 3/4 the notch is 27X 1 1/4 3 1/4 over from the edge.

Use a flat blade to bend the staples that hold the rods in place, and remove the rods.

Now is a good time to straighten the bends of the rods to get them flat again.

Take your board and get it on a flat surface.
I used a piece of angle iron that I had to clamp the old shelf over the board so I could trace it.

I marked all the holes for the rods and the staples

Using the Saw of your choice, cut the board out.

I used a Circular saw then rounded the corners with a pair of diagonal pliers, and using the 1/2 round bastard I got the corners rounded and the inside curves smooth.
I also knocked the splintered edges off the board.

Using a 1/8 drill I drilled a series of holes for the staples, then used the drill to connect the dots.

Yeah it's crude but this isn't going to be seen.
Test fit it to the car......

I did the same for the rod ends only used the bigger bit.

Remove the bands off the bars and straighten them.

Position the bars, and insert the bands.

Flip it over and use your pliers to start the ears to bend. Then hammer to bend the ears down.

Test fit it again with the bars installed adjust as necessary.

I sprayed brown primer on the top to add more protection.

For the bottom I used black primer.

Allow to dry.

Place the Carpet upside down on a flat surface, then place the board rod side up on top of the carpet.
Over lap the carpet edges and Staple it about every 4-6 inches Start on a wide side, then pull the opposite side tight and shoot a couple of staples. This will hold the carpet tight to the board and not leave a gap. You don't need staples every 1/2 inch....

Here is the Shelf finished.

If you are missing the rods and clips you can use 1/4 inch dowel across and use wire ties to hold them in place.
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