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I have a new 2020 model I got last March and I dont use remote start much but when so cold out it really helps so been using it lately but something I noticed and not sure. I think just the way the vw is.

When cold and a light snow overnight I start the car remotely. to let it warm up and run a but. the car knows its cold as it turns on my rear defroster I see....but What I have also noticed is that it does nothing with the heated seats? and what I mean by that is does not turn them on to the lowest setting or at all??

I had a '14 F150 FX4 and with remote started and when I remote started the truck it would do all that too but it also turned on the heated seats to the lowest setting while in remote start mode and cold out. along with defrosters and mirror heaters and other things...temp dependant. Once I tried in summer just to see how it reacted and it turned on ac and cool seats function.

Anyways I presume the VW just doest :"work" that way?? or is there something in vac com that be adjusted or turned on when remote starting vehicle as for me I only use when real cold or alot of ice on glass and that. it would be nice for the seats to warm up a bit too. but I understand if it doesnt just thought I would post up and see. my wife noticed and said something the other day when we used it...we got it she said how come my seat not warm at all?? the truck did that?????

Just didnt know if maybe it could be turned on or adjusted or something...truck always had in Lowest setting when in remote start had the same 3 press buttom switch for its function too.

Just asking....Thanks
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