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My car has 185k kms and a turbo that sounded like a police siren. Having sourced a new turbo unit on eBay I looked around for guides to the removal but couldn't find much that was directly relevant to the 2L BKD engine. The best guide turned out to be on an Audi forum;
GUIDE: How to remove turbo and clean 'sticky' vane, which causes overboost

I have shamelessly pasted in the instructions below as they turned out to be spot on and added photos and a few additional comments from my job to help others. I followed these 100% and I guess the removal and replacement took about 6 hours. Many posts I looked at recommended removing the driveshaft - not necessary. Removal and replacement via the exhaust tunnel worked well and gives good access. Not saying it didn't fight me a bit but in the end a job that a have a go home mechanic can do in the driveway.

Tools required:
5mm Allen for ratchet (I use 3/8's ratchet)
6mm Allen for ratchet
12mm deep socket
13mm socket
16mm socket
short extension
long extension
Flat blade screw driver
T30 on ratchet (I use quarter inch ratchet)
17mm spanner
22mm spanner
Pliers suitable to remove the springy circular clip (Jubilee alternative type)

Removing the turbo.

First off, lets take the downpipe with catalytic converter. You will need to remove a plate held up by 4x 13mm nuts, once removed undo the 2x 13mm bolts on the exhaust clamp and slide the clamp along. Then remove the 2x 13mm bolts that hold the exhaust up these are at the back of the subframe. Now this is done there is a flat bar from the cat to the gearbox, remove 2x 16mm bolts and put to one side. Lastly get the 5mm Allen with long extension and undo the clamp holding the exhaust to the turbo, there is a gasket so make sure you don't lose this, the clamp usually doesn't 'fall off' it has to be persuaded because its a tight fit, once loose the exhaust can come away.
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Exhaust removed you now have access through the exhaust tunnel which the turbo will be coming through. Firstly get your 22mm spanner and take off the oil return pipe from the block, small amount of oil will drain/drip out.

Then get your 17mm spanner and undo the oil feed pipe, if it feels tight do not keep trying you will twist and snap the oil feed pipe. The reason is there's like a connecting piece that screws into the turbo that the oil feed pipe screws on to, you will need to modify a crappy 17mm spanner to fit in between hot and cold side housings to stop this turning. Once oil feed pipe is undone follow it along to the left of the manifold and there will be a clamp with a 12mm bolt, remove this and carefully bend the oil feed pipe up and away.

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On the top of the manifold is a pipe to the EGR held to the manifold by 2x 12mm nuts and to the EGR cooler by 2x 6mm Allen bolts. (See above photo) Remove these and pull out the pipe.

Now, get your T30 and remove a bolt holding the turbo inlet pipe to the engine, there are two, one located top right of the turbo and one under the bonnet next to where the flexy inlet piping is, remove these two bolts and then get your pliers and squeeze the clip holding the turbo inlet pipe into the turbo slide it over and pull the pipe out, would be easier to remove altogether to make room, its a little awkward but does come out.
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Now get your flat head and pull out the C clip holding the boost pipe into the turbo, then pull out the boost pipe, again a little awkward but can be made easy by removing the full boost pipe to intercooler.
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Pull the vacuum hose off the actuator and move out of way. Now everything is out of way its just a case of unbolting the turbo.

First there's a 13mm bolt at the bottom of the exhaust side of the turbo that connects to a bracket to the block, remove this. Now if you look on the right side of the manifold there is a heat shield, held on by 2x 12mm bolts, remove these and remove the heat shield. Now you left with the 8x 12mm bolts holding the turbo to the head, remove these and then its time to pull out the turbo, it will come through the exhaust tunnel as mentioned earlier, I tend to get the left side of the manifold coming out first.
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I found reassembly to be more difficult than the removal. In particular the EGR tube connections. Taking the studs out of the manifold before fitting it and then screwing them back in through the EGR pipe mounting plate after fixing the EGR end of the pipe worked for me in the end after a lot of trial and error.


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