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My heater control mount broke:
Taking the heater fascia off I found this:

Take the Fascia off, times like this a long screwdriver is a godsend.

Remove the other Phillips mounting screw.
Remove the single Phillips that holds the a/c thermoswitch and push it out of the way.
Remove the 2 Countersunk Screws that hold the vacuum distributor on.
Remove the heater valve cable, and cut the wire tie that holds the heater switch harness at the rear.
Remove the Control assembly out of the dash.

Look at it upside down.

Find a piece of steel, the PC Blank cut outs work really well.

Bend the little end up to fit the step at the rear of the mount.

Mark the metal for where it needs to be dimpled.

Trim the metal to fit the cutout, I used tin snips and a file.
Cut the dimples out.

Bend the metal at the front to approximate the mounting tab.

Drill 2 holes in the metal, the one at the front is really a tad off, so center drill it.

Place the metal back in the control, and drill the plastic to match.

I used 2 8X32 stove bolts washers and nuts, I had to trim the head of the front one as I got it too close.

Place the Control back in to the unit and mark the mount hole position.

Cut the metal off the same distance as the other side, it was about 5/8's from the top

Place the speed nut to verify that the position is correct.
Remove the speed nut and drill a hole in the metal tab, be sure you have a back up behind it while drilling.
Place the speed nut over it and you are done.

Remount the assembly.
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