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Disconnect the Battery
Disconnect the Air bag connector on the Fuse panel
You have to remove the Knee Bar or lower it to get to the 2 screws that hold the shaft covers together

Loosen the center console, 3 Phillips screws 2 by the heater box and one by the e-brake and move it over to the passenger side.
Removal of the shifter knob is mandatory.
Remove the 2 nuts and 2 bolts on each side of the "a" pillar to lower the Knee Bar.
You can drop it slightly.
Take the air bag off 2 torx number 15 or 20...on the back side of the wheel
Take the connector off, Place air bag on floor of passenger side carefully.
Remove the 24mm nut on the wheel Loosen to 3 threads, then jerk the wheel off the splines.
Remove the Nut.
Remove the washer..
Mark the center splines to the shaft.
Remove the Wheel.
Remove the the clock spring from the splined shaft, you can leave it connected and hang it off the side.
Remove the 3 screws that hold the turns on to the housing. disconnect the connectors
Remove the 2 screws that hold the lower shaft cover to the upper (why you need to lower the knee bar).

where the 2 screws are

Remove the snap ring that holds the collar and spring on to the shaft remember the order or snap a picture.
Remove the 5 or 6 mm Allen that holds the ignition lock upper bearing assembly to the shaft. You may have to slightly pry it apart.
Remove the connector that is on the back of the ignition switch
Remove the housing from the shaft.
Remove the Number 1 Phillips screw from the back of the ignition switch

Remove the switch and replace.

When returning everything, I use a pry bar on the steering shaft against the floor board to keep the shaft fully up so that I can get the snap ring on the shaft.
The shaft has a tendency to slide down, and the bearing to get out of the bottom of the shaft, the upward pry makes it more bearable.

When returning the clock spring to the car, rotate it all the way to the left or right then count the turns to the other side detent. Then move it the opposite way one half the amount of turns.

There isn't any other easy way that I know of on a 90ish.

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I just got done doing this. I had to PM Briano for help. You don't think your shaft has slid down but it has, and you'll never get that circlip back on until you lever that shaft back up, it's only 4 or 5 mm but that's enough to make all the difference.

Here are a couple of pics of the lever:

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