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Over the last few tops, I have found that the rear cable that I endorse is a tad longer than needed and you can't get it tight enough.
I have had to shim the cable by using a couple of large washer/nuts about 1 inch on both sides (a bit bigger diameter of the cable bolt) to get the cable sufficiently tight.

I have also noticed, that the inner cable trays where the Cable enters and turns to the bolt retainer is too small to allow the cable to go in with out
binding in the slot and peeling off the sheath of the cable..

Never fear I have the fix..

Lay your cable in the tray then see how tight it is.... I have had to bend out the width of that slightly so the cable can easily fit in the trough.
Second thing I have done is to use axle grease in that trough, and on the bolt itself, it makes the judging of the tension better, and the cable sheaf doesn't bind catch and peel off.

Yes I still use grease ky on canvas, and Vaseline on vinyl in the cable tray and on the cable itself to allow some left and right movement of the top to position it. It also eases the strain on the cable as it draws tight.
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