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I have a 2017 Touareg Sport with Technology. Using navigation, TP Traffic Announcements pop-up, and the radio plays an odd music station. The RNS850 manual claims these can be turned off (NO). The dealer and the VW of America tech tell me that 1) my software is current, and 2) my car (base model) doesn't allow me to turn this feature off. It took them two days (and a lot of fiddling with the car) to decide that. What? The TP "works", but has no "off" switch?
I'm not convinced that the problem is not fixable. Perhaps the RNS850, is defective? Or the software is current but corrupted?
Anybody have a thought?
Anybody with a 2017 Treg S with T able to turn these off?

VW chat says 1. Open the 'RADIO' main menu and select the frequency band. 2. Tap the 'Extras' function button. 3. Deactivate the checkbox 'check mark' in the 'TP' function button by tapping it.
But my infotainment system does not show this option.
Please help!
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