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I wanted to post some info about the safety recall notice that some of us may have received regarding the steering wheel clock spring, issue # 69L2. (

Apparently this mostly affects steering wheel clock springs in B7 Passats and 2010 and later Tiguans, but the clock spring for VW is a very VIN-specific part, so I would recommend checking out the VW VIN/Recall lookup tool to see if you are affected, it can be found here:

Long story short, it looks like there are some design flaws in these parts and fibers, hair and other crud can get into the crevices and dislodge the ribbon cable in such a way that it shorts out the airbag connection. Apparently, according to some other forums and the HumbleMechanic youtube channel, these parts fail and disrupt other systems too, here is a quick video on the subject:

I received my recall notice in September, and they said they didn't have a fix, I'll be following up with my dealer and post any news I get. Please share any insights you come across as well!


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