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It is time for us to get rid of those Saggy door blues.....
Being as anal as I am sometimes can get to be a pain now I know that replacing the hinge pins is the best way to do it, but the 1/4 Dutch in me tells me, ahhhh shim it.

Here is how to shim the sag out of your doors, you have to have a good eye and do not get a washer that is too thick to begin with..get a couple of varying thickness and use the one that gets all the sag out.

I have been bothered by my drivers door sagging and getting real close to scraping the threshold, and the lines of the car were just not quite right.

So I measured both sides.

Drivers door

Then I compared it to the passenger side door.

First thing I did was locate a washer that would fit a 8mm bolt

I then sliced a notch out of it, so that it would slide over the bolt and I wouldn't have to completely take the bolt out of the hinge.

To move the door up at the bottom you adjust the top bolt, so you loosen the bolt so that there is enough of the head sticking out so you can get the washer on the bolt.

Then you open the door and get the hinge to pop away in the middle.
Insert your washer between the hinges and onto the bolt.

Then holding the washer in place, tighten the bolt to bind the washer a bit.

Next, you hold up on the door handle and push in to the car, you will see the distance in the door hinge move closer to the body hinge and finish tightening the bolt, this forces the door to the original position.

Once the bolt is tightened you can let go of the door and give the bolt another little umph.

Now close the door, make sure that the door striker engages correctly, any bind when you open or close it will mean that you have to adjust the striker. Usually up a bit.

Then measure your work

That is all there is to it. This will make your window glass fully engage the top seal when closed, and possibly get another little noise and wet spot to abate.....

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