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I have an 09 2.0 TSi DSG scirocco gt, it’s always driven absolutely fine, then this morning when i turned the car on it had an EPC light and a message on the dash saying “engine malfunction car needs workshop”, i turned the car off, and on again and it did the same again.
A few hours later i tried again and the car wouldn’t start, it was turning over but wouldn’t actually turn on, the EPC light was on and so was the oil light (however i have checked the oil only two weeks ago and it was fine). i then turned the car off, on again and this time it started perfectly fine.
Now a couple hours later again i have just started my car again and it has started perfectly fine, no lights.
Does anyone have any ideas? I don’t want to have to pay for a garage to look at it if it’s a simple issue or something which shouldn’t happen again.
Thanks in advance :)
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