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Scirocco R MK3 Parts for EOS Front End Swap

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hey guys! I have a 2010 VW Eos that I'm going to do a front end swap on. I'm in the US so there's literally nothing Scirocco locally. I'd like the R style pre-facelift parts (years '08-'14).

I need all of the Scirocco parts for this but don't exactly have a list of what I'll need, so do any of you have anything for sale? My thoughts are that I'll need:

  • front bumper (and all bolts and whatnot)
  • hood
  • emblem
  • upper lower and side grilles
  • side "wings" (might be UK terminology)
  • radiator stuff
  • headlights

Let me know if you know of any other parts I'll need for this!! I'm @the.diamond.eos on insta in case any of you rather chat there.

Thanks everybody:)
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