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Hello Volkswagen CC or any 2.0L TFI owners. I have a 2012 VW CC with 71K running good except for a minor issue, serpentine belt tensioner making noises on load. I have tried aftermarket Gates, then a Bilstein and finally went to VW for an original and VW serpentine belt. I was told to check motor mounts and found the Motor and Transmission were worn out. I changed the dogbane underneath but not the lower (2) two mounts. I am planning on installing a polyurethane bushing to see if that resolves or help the issue. Has anyone have any insight, ideas on what else could be wrong.
I am also noticing a rather unusual engine noise like as if I were driving a diesel engine. I change my oil every six months not yearly. When I am stopped at a light the noise is like a lifters tapping, but driving it flies like a bat out of hell.
Any suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Elvis F
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