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I recently bought a 2007 1.6 FSI Golf MK5 / 64,000 miles / private seller / good price but needed a couple of simple things sorted out (e.g. new blower motor resistor and rear windscreen wiper). Read full MOT history (passed all but one in last 7 years) but only partial service history in past 5 years. Seems well looked after. It's my first time driving a VW, so i'm getting used to the feel.

There are a couple of things that have occurred since buying (4 weeks later). I've Googled the issues and found some answers on this site and elsewhere, but not sure they're the same as my issues.

Firstly, perhaps related, is that the air conditioning isn't pumping out ice cold air. The likelihood (hopefully) is that it just needs to be refilled. I did need to replace the blower motor resistor (only top speed was working before) so chances are perhaps the AC is actually not working properly.

The two main issues are these:

1 - There's a 'whirring' sound coming from the engine/front when engine on and car stood still. Not necessarily only in neutral though: i can disengage the clutch, put it in any gear, change the gears, and the noise continues. It usually only happens once the engine is heated up: i haven't heard noise when i first start the car. It's usually after i first stop and then go to restart engine. It's not particularly loud, but it's continuous and obvious. Not sure i'd say the clutch and/or gearbox seem unusual. I did notice yesterday at traffic lights in neutral that the car was a 'shuddering' a little. But, like i said, i'm new to VW.

2 - ESP, EPC, CEL (check engine lights) warnings come on every so often. They've come on about 3 or 4 times this week (usually only ESP & EPC). The first time i saw the ESP & EPC lights come on, i stopped car, checked Google, and turned them off very simply. They didn't return. But, the last couple of days i've had all 3 lights come on. I tried the same technique to turn them off, but to no avail. I checked car today in my garage and the 3 came on.

Being new to VW, and not driving that often, i'm not sure i'd say it 'feels' any different to when i first drove it. I usually drive around town, very short distances.

Cheers for any advice!
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