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HI Everyone,

I have a 16V and would like to get the engine cleaned up of all the grease and gunk. I have been toying with the idea of getting it steam cleaned for ages but always been put off by stories of the electrics getting messed up. However i guess some people must do it in order to get their engines in the condition you see in photos or shows. Has anyone any experience in this area or contacts of professionals in the south east who provide such a service?


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Look into Dry ice cleaning.
I have been pressure washing engines for years, I follow a few rules.

Prior to going to the Carwash or in my Driveway.

I spray every square inch of the engine in wd-40 including all wires and connectors.
I let it work a bit usually while I am driving to the wash or as I am getting out my power washer.
I then use a Scrub brush for the hard to reach areas (a toilet bowl brush works well).
I re-spray the Heavy areas with "LA's Totally Awesome" it is a dollar a bottle at the dollar store let it work for a few minutes no more than 5.
I then pressure wash and scrub the car.

After it prior to starting the car I remove every connector and spray it with either an CRC electrical connection cleaner (wire-dry) and the HV leads or WD-40 in a pinch. including the Dizzy Cap and inside as well.

I then start the car and drive off.



Me after.

I try to keep the Pressure washer off the Diz, and Wires, and I try not to directly spray connectors.
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