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Yes, I am a Monty Python fan. I just picked up a clean 1984 Rabbit GTI. This is my second Rabbit GTI and I really do enjoy these cars.
My original 83 Rabbit GTI was stolen in 1993 shortly after completing a major overhaul / restoration and some nice modifications. The car was found a day later, stripped and trashed.
I’ve been wanting one ever since, but recently stepped up my search when my son hit the driving age and a need for a third vehicle arose.
My wife found this car on EBay and bought it for my as a surprise. It was the most excellent surprise ever! This car has 78k original miles and is in excellent original condition for a 26 year old car. For all I know, the previous owner may be a forum member here! If so, thanks!
The car was located in Lincoln, Nebraska (we are in Minnesota), so I rented a u-haul car dolly (circa 1945 from the looks of it) and we made the 15 hour round trip journey to pick this car up in one day!
I plan to work on this car in two phases:
The first phase will be to get the car roadworthy for daily driving. Yes, this will be my daily driver!
For the second phase, I plan to dismantle the car for a complete restoration. It will take quite some time to accumulate fundage for this, so the delta between phase 1 and phase 2 will be lengthy.
All of this work will be captured in my blog.

Anyone from Minnesota in here?


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