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Thick white/grey smoke comming from exhaust.

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Heres the story, woke up drove to work, engine running like it always has. get 1 mile to the parking lot at work and my truck looses almost all its power, and i have to gimp it to the parkinglot. Get off of work look at coolant and oil levels. >fine. Look at fuel level, 2 lines away from being empty in the red. Try to start the engine white smoke comming from exhaust, wont run, or idle.. turning the engine over seems very rough, and isnt consisntant like it use to be. Pour 5 gallons of diesiel in it, jump the battery. Turn it over for like 20 minutes on and off. With breaks letting starter cool down. Finally get it to fire up, engines running like ****, thumping and shaking really bad, nothing but white smoke coming from exhaust, smells sour, kinda like diesel. Press pedal get a mixture of white/grey smoke. Then spots of black. I try to drive it in first gear, the truck does nothing but roll white to grey then black smoke, truck does nothing but creep forward, even when reving the engine then dropping the clutch, pretty much just stalls out when in first gear no matter how much fuel you give it.

What can i do to fix it, what does the problem sound like to you guys.
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White smoke, well that sounds like a bad head gasket.
Take the res cap off.
Tie a latex glove over the opening really tight.
Start the engine, and from under the hood rev the engine as high as you can for 40-45 seconds, if the glove inflates bad head gasket.

Second clue is that when the expansion jug is closed tight and you start the car do the hoses balloon and be come hard to squeeze? Bad head gasket.

If those don't happen, then we could be looking at a bad injection pump that isn't pushing fuel out at the proper psi.

Bad Cold start plugs can cause starting issues when was the last time you checked or changed them. You can pull the number 4 and number 3 out easily, and jumper them out on the battery hold with pliers as they get hot. If they don't get red hot in 7-15 seconds they are bad.

White/grey means either unburned fuel and or antifreeze mixing.
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