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Tiguan backup camera question

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Hello all, looking at a 2012 tiguan and I needs a Tiguan backup camera.
Does a premium 8 touch screen sound system have the capability and wiring already installed for a backup camera? Please let me know as soon as you can please.

Thank you


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Is there anything else I need to do? Or is it plug and play?

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You do not have to do anything.

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Ok. Sorry. In order to be of any value to you, we have to have some additional information, like, you had a b/u camera, but it broke. Or, your model didnt come with one, and your curious to find out if the Premium sound system (model # here) sold with the '12 Tiguan supports a b/u camera at all?
Then, identify the camera you are proposing to use with the '12 Tiguan, head unit model # combination and request specifics.

Essentially all I got from your post was "Here is some generic info, can I put literally any camera at all into my car and expect it to work? And please answer immediately"

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The vehicle in question did not come with a camera. My father-in-law is lokkingbatvyhe to purchase tiguan and wants to know if a factory camera will be able to plug in and work.
I have not pulled the head unit as we do not own the vehicle yet.
I was wondering if the vehicle with the premium 8 sound system with touch screen supported the camera.
I saw the schematic for the 2012 tiguan and it shows camera wiring to the back door, not sure if video cable would be there or not. I have no issue installing video cable as long as the premium 8 head unit accepts it. I do not want to spend 1800.00 for a new head unit at the dealer or 600.00 at the autowrecking yard for a used one.
I have the vin for the vehicle so far and that is it.
What can you find out from the vin in regards to which head uniting has?


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Well, you could check the build sheet for the VIN, but, you could just as easily Google to see if that model supports a b/u camera. Your head unit doesn't need to be removed to get the model, again, Google can assist.

Based on 20 seconds from here, the '12 Tiguan is physically able to support a b/u camera but not all were delivered with a camera, if not currently installed, it is not reasonable to expect the cable to be there.

In order to hedge your bet, I would talk to your local dealer as they would be able to give you part numbers for supported cameras.

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The local dealer gave me the part numbers that would work, yet could not tell me what head unit is in the car.
I will do some digging I guess.


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Sorry, sincerely. Literally anything from my point would be guessing. But, here is how to identify which head unit it is:

Here is how you would unlock it if it isn't currently installed:

If it really is the premium 8" system I suspect you have an RNS510 but could be 850, both support backup cameras.

Best of luck

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Cheers and thanks. I really appreciate this information.
I will let you know how it works if my father-in-law buys the tiguan.

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Please do, a solution to close a thread is very helpful.

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According to that site, the tiguan has the rcd510. And since I have vagcom at home I will be able to adapt it.

Thanks again.

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