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Tiguan Mk2 Performance Monitor and Lap Timer

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I recently purchased a new Tiguan Allspace Highline 162TSI with Sound & Vision Package, MY2019 with built date Dec 2018. According to the owner's manual that came with the car one should be able to activate the Performance Monitor and the Lap Timer via Menu, Vehicle, Selection, Sport (see attached page from owner's manual). However in this car the Sport option is not available in the Selection, only Offroad is displayed and tapping on Offroad will display the Offroad info (see attached pic from the Infotainment display). I have used the lap timer in my previous 5-seater Tiguan Mk2 and I am wondering if anyone has come across this issue in the Allspace and has found a fix. As usual not much help from VW. Thank you if you can assist.


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