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We have a 2018 Tiguan that has developed a problem. First the first 7-8 mos. and about 7-8K miles it was perfect. Then, upon acceleration from a standing stop, it stumbles, or seems to bog down, rather than smoothly accelerating. On a couple of occasions, we had plenty of time to cross a street in front of oncoming traffic, but then our Tiguan stumbled as it started to accelerate and we barely cross the street safely. The VW shop says nothings wrong. Wrong. There is definitely something wrong.

The is my 6th VW, and 5th four-cylinder turbo, so I understand the cars well. This is NOT turbo lag. In fact, it may have something to do with the transmission, as perhaps it's in too high a gear and doesn't start out in first as it should.

Has anybody else experienced this problem?

If so, what have you learned and/or done about it?

I love VWs, and we really loved this new Tiguan,
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