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Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement Schedule

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I've done some searching and haven't found exactly what I need so I'm posting.
I have a 2001 Passat Station Wagon with the V6 engine.
In Aug '09, the Timing Belt, Idler and Water Pump were replaced under a warranty issue; the mileage was 56K.
My current mileage is 96K, so the belt has 40K on it and 10 years.
I was always under the impression that the belt is good for 100K without any age consideration - but, recently, I read a blurb that said the belt (and associated) should be replaced after 10Y.
I searched my owners stuff and could not find any reference to an age factor for either the timing belt or water pump.
So, I'm posting here to get educated opinions as to whether or not I should replace those vital components. I don't want to spend the large funds to do it if I don't need to - on the other hand, if it's time, it's time and not doing it and it failed, it would be much more catastrophic. :eek:
All your thoughts, please.
And thanks for your time.
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My opinion is change it 10 years is a long time and for what it cost out weighs the damage it does if it fails..

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Well, since I never got any opinions from anybody, I decided to bite the bullet and had the belt, idlers, water pump replaced out of an abundance of caution. $1200!!! I looked at the replaced parts and I was astounded!!!!! As stated before, the belt had 40K miles and 10 years on it and it looked almost BRAND NEW!! No cracks or stress marks anywhere inside and out and the gear 'notches' had no top wear at all. All of the bearings in the pump and three idlers were PERFECT; not a single trace of bearing 'noise' or 'roughness'; they were brand new! Too bad you can't see the belt without disassembly but so it goes. Without a doubt, I had another 60-70K miles and another 5 years (or much more) on those parts. If anyone happens to need these (for whatever reason), they're yours - just pay the shipping. Let me know. I'm keeping them in the boxes. All this is just an FYI for those who may wonder later on about their belt and associated parts.
You really expected rapid resonses!

40K miles on the mechanical components is low usage. As you discovered they are fit for many more miles. The rubber cam belt on the other hand, suffers with age. Polutants, heat, etc, attack the belt and as dangtim5 said,10 years is along time. One can inspect it and there are small telltale signs such as small cracks when flexed. However, I too would have recommended replacement.

At least you now have peace of mind with all the components replaced.
Yeah, I know all that! But everybody, me, shop techs, and shop specs examined that belt MINUTELY, rolling it as tightly as was practical under strong light - there were NO cracks, webs, or any other signs of deterioration. If I could have seen the belt without any disassembly, I would not have replaced it. But, as I said, it (and all the other parts) were replaced, since we had to get in there just to see. At the very least, for those who wish to keep track of such things, you have it on good authority (me) that the belt is good for 10 years; that's for those who keep their cars that long, of course.
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