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Help please we bought the 2014 Touareg rLine to tow our large caravan but since we bought it the car has been in 3 different garages as the handbrake has a delay in releasing and making a noise it’s come back from a VW Garage and it’s still got a 3-5 second delay for the car to start moving from taking the handbrake off and makes a creaking noise. I have been told this is normal
The brakes actually smelt of burning 3 weeks ago and that’s why I had the car sent back in and they said the brakes and stuck on.
Does anyone else have a Touareg with a delay like this? Is it a ‘characteristic of the car’
I had a Tiguan before and it never acted like this
I am worried about towing the caravan if the brakes lock again with my wife and 2 year old daughter in the car
The VW garage said that it was the air gap that was the problem and has been fixed
But to me the problem is still there please help
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