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Trailer towing and electric brakes

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I am a 28 year veteran of long haul tractor trailer experience. I have never used electric brakes before, and have purchased a 2018 Atlas. I will be mainly pulling a travel trailer around BC, so it will be mountainous conditions. As I am used to air brakes, what are the differing factors when using electric brakes. With the 8 speed transmission, will I get any or much hold back in lower gears from the V6?
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It is common on American caravans and trailers with electric brakes to have an electrical device mounted in the towing vehicle which the driver operates manually to apply the brakes of the trailer independent to the brakes on the tow vehicle. This is prohibited in Europe where the regulations demand that the service braking system must be applied without the driver removing his hands from the steering control.
You will name me crazy, but I use the vehicle hauler for sever cars) It doesn't mean, that it's always full, sometimes I can transport two-three cars, sometimes even a car. As for me, it's better, when you have enough places, because it rises the number of orders(for example you won't be able to take the job, where you'll need to move 5 cars, if you have only 4 places). What is about the model of my vehicle hauler, it's Boydstun’s 9107. I bought it, because it was the best option for such money. You can read about this and other models on the site connected to Boydstun Car Haulers & Vehicle Carriers, Auto Transport Trailers. Hope you will find the one, which will be suited for you. Good luck.
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