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My car is a 2019 Golf GT DSG, Dijon alloys with 225/45/17 tyres. It has done 27k.

I am experiencing a very unpleasant rumble which is particularly pronounced between 18 - 30 mph. My local VAG tech came out with me and said he is 99% certain that it is due to feathering of the tyres, apparently a common problem.

I have it under warranty and it is booked in for wider investigation but meanwhile I am wondering what tyres pressures I should be running.

There are usually only 2 of us in the car.

The first 3 "reputable" websites I looked at said 30F and 28R. The fourth one said 35F 35R.

The label on the door pillar says 36F 36R, or 32F 32R for comfort.

Has anyone any insights on this ? ...please, this noise/buzzing is taking all the pleasure out of driving.
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