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My 2012 VW CC now has 21,000 and has been used as an all-purpose, family car with driving divided roughly 50/50 between expressways and rural roads the average trip on the latter being about 10-12 miles.

This car has many satisfying features which include a fine Bluetooth function that makes cellphone use a dream, an excellent highway ride due in no small part to the two front seats which have so many adjustments that a comfort zone may always be found, and very responsive steering.

The four cylinder turbocharged engine generates very good power while providing better than average fuel economy.

The automated manual transmission is slightly quirky when starting to move (it jerks a little in a funny way) but otherwise shifts smoothly. In sixth gear, the tach reads 2200 at 75 mph which probably contributes substantially to highway fuel economy.

Now the bad part. My CC is an oil burner using about 3 quarts of oil between recommended changes which means that I am using almost double the normal oil requirement over the 10,000 mile VW recommended change interval. A complaint to VW and the dealer led to a weighing of the oil and a somewhat time consuming and involved procedure that produced a consumption figure of 0.29 quarts per thousand miles thus confirming the 3 quarts per 10,000 miles that I was experiencing. The dealer than presented my with a VW produced written handout stating that the VW engineering standard for oil consumption by the CC is 1 quart per 1,200 miles which would mean that the CC could require an astonishing 13 quarts of synthetic oil every 10,000 miles! This “standard” was never disclosed to me prior to my purchase. You can judge for yourself if it is, in fact, a standard or simply an excuse. Much as I like this car, I will trade it as soon as the warranty expires and I will not buy another VW product as long as they continue to state that their new vehicles are fine if they burn 1 quart of oil every 1,200 miles.
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