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I would like to change the Halogen headlights to Xenon or LED lights for my 2017 Tiguan 132TSI Comfortline.

Could anyone please advise me the easy option and costs


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There is no EASY option...

You either need to buy factory projector headlamps for the factory HIDs, or
You buy kits for your existing housings, and hop you don't have pulse width
management. If they are using PWM, then you need capacitors to steady
the voltage... Or, VCDS to change from PWM to solid voltage, but RossTech
is everyone's nanny, and won't provide the coding unless you prove you bought
the appropriate housings. I had to use relays with 470uF Caps across the coils.

You're looking at over $500 for factory option and hardware.

$34.00 or less for typical aftermarket 55watt kits. Around $50 for 75watt
for hi-beams, should you want that option, and they have 100watts kits

LEDs, will not provide the correct beam pattern in reflector housings. At least
with hids, you get a somewhat decent pattern. I tried LEDs, couldn't see ****.

The ONLY reason I am using HIDs in my factory reflector housings, is I am tired of
blowing bulbs every 2-3 months, I do ALL night driving 8+ hours. HIDs last about
a year or so, and are cheaper than a two pack of halogen H7 bulbs, believe that...
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