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Value of 1967 Beetle with less than 500 miles, all original

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I just inherited a 1967 Beetle with less than 500 miles and everything original, including manual. It has been garaged, is in showroom condition and only rarely driven. If I sold it at auction (or anywhere else), what range could I expect to receive for it? Thanks in advance!
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I would be calling some of the professional auction car places. Something like that is not normal and should command very top dollar. Just looking at rebuilds or those of the same year with a few thousand miles still would not get you in the park. Time to google the auction houses.
Try Hemmings Motor news to get an idea of what other 67's are going for.
When you figure it out, please contact me I'd be interested in finding out more and possibly purchasing. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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