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hey allew here so i hope this is the right place to post this, I know that vinyl wrapping is becoming very popular in all coloures and also carbon style, particularly bonnets and roofs, what are your views on this?, i am in the oxford area, and i have started vinyl wrapping , if it appeals to anyone here or you want to know more please say, thanks, Grille Vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Car
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( carbon wrapped nissan pulsar bonnet)

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I am so into vinyl. LOL you can do a lot of very cool things on the cheap. Carbon fiber interior pieces, exterior pieces, etc. I put a Black ops decal on our 4dr jeep and we get people staring, pointing and telling us how cool our jeep is all the time. LOL so funny cause it cost me about 3 bucks to do it.

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This is a mock up of the timbers black op jeep we started to do. Right now it only has the black ops insignia on the door.
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