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I've bought my golf two years ago when it was driven for 167k, I never noticed anything out of the ordinary except that sometimes it jerks when I accelerate too lightly from a dead-stop. This is apparently quite normal in DSG's, so I've not been worried about it.
Now the km-amount is 195k so I've driven about 30k in the last two years.

I've noticed in the past couple of months that sometimes when I accelerate from low RPM, it makes this slight jerking movement as the RPM goes up and I accelerate. It doesn't do it while changing gear, but more like a second before the gear is switched. I approximate it to happen about halfway before it reaches the RPM required to change gears.
(I mean if the gear is switched at, say 4k rpm(might happen earlier of course, but just to illustrate what I mean), the jerk happens at like 2.5-3, before the switch actually happens)
Can this be a DSG issue or is it something else entirely? Somebody suggested that it may be the gas-pump shutting down for a fraction of a second, or maybe some valve etc. is dirty?

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks in advance =)
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