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Hi Fellow VW Fans!

VW Jetta 2016 1.4L TSI - 100,000 KM.

I saw a check engine light turn on last week. After checking with OBD - issues were P0304, P0302, P0303 and P0300 cylinder misfire.

I did not notice any issues with performance. Mechanic reset check engine light and recommended that I put 91 octane fuel instead of 87.. (car compatible with both).
After one week of driving with premium fuel - the light came back on... but again not noticing any sort of stuttering in the engine when idle or driving.

Im not understanding how all the cylinders could be misfiring all at once. Should I change the spark plugs? I think they are due to be changed at 130,000 KM...

Thank you for your help!
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