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Hi all,

My Polo refuses to start 5 times out of 10..

When it does start the glow plug light flashes yellow, the engine sounds a little rough and it cuts out after 10 seconds of running.

I have run a scanner on it and was hoping for some advice as to what this could be.

I initially thought fuel injector in bank 3, but that wouldnt be causing the car to cut out after 10 seconds of runnning.

Fault codes as follows:

P0641 - Powertrain - common rail pressure high
P0269 - Powertrain - Cylinder 3 - Contribution/Balance - Faulty fuel injector or glow plugs
P2017 - Powertrain - Intake Manifold position sensor/switch circuit high in bank 1
13178 - Unable to find information on this one
13184 - Shut off valve for gas - high pressure regulator N372
13174 - Intake air temperature sender 3 G520 Signal too small
16065 - Due to limp mode

Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed as I am a bit stumped!

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