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Hi all, new to the group and VW polo's
I bought my daughter a 2002 VW Polo 1.2 (I think they call in at N9?) - not sure what that relates too - don't laugh shows how new I am :)
Anyway it has a misfire at idle, pick the revs up and she's fine. One coil pack has a wire that runs to the cam cover bolt - is this how they are or has it been butchered?
One spark plug of the 3 is a bit black and the others are a beige colour, so I wondered if it was over fuelling - but why just at idle?
Pull the coil packs back slightly and you can hear the spark jumping to the plug so believe these to be ok.
Then I wondered if there my be an issue with like a carbon canister or something - do they even have one?
OMG then I read about a stretched timing chain, which would make sense if it takes up the slack when you rev it - if I stripped it down and timed it I assume the timing marks wouldn't line up if the chain was stretched?
So I just need help on where to start - if its going to cost a fortune its going back on ebay which will be a shame as the car looks mint - 86,000 miles on clock
All advice appreciated.
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