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I have a 1981 rabbit Ls which i am in the middle of tearing down, painting and transforming it into the way i'd like it to look. I have pretty much everything under order besides finding the right rims. I am interested in the "hella flush" clean look whatever you want to call it, but i don't have the knowledge because i've always been into the muscle car scene.

I more interested in buying used or second hand, but i wouldn't mind some feedback in where to buy new. Im thinking 15 or maybe 16 inch, i just don't want to have clearance issues as for i plan to lower the rabbit 1-2 inches on coil-overs. Rims with tires would be best. I would like as much information as possible about am i going to new wheel spacers?, will i need to mod the wheel wells?, will i need to stretch the tires?, cost? etc.

I am currently doing finishing the body work but i plan on painting it "satin black". I am stripping the interior which is currently red. I am pretty open to the kind of rim, color or style. I must mention i am 17 almost 18 years old so as far as the price goes i cant afford any top of the line bbs rims haha. *I included some examples*
Thanks for the feedback :),


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