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Wanted Turbo Classic Beetle - Pro touring prefered

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I am looking for a fun summer car. I have always wanted a classic Beetle that is super modern and really more of a pro touring beetle. Now Let me be clear on what I mean by Pro Touring. Typically a pro touring car does not use any of the factory suspension. On most american muscle car Pro touring cars.. they also have a custom full frame. I realize on a beetle a custom frame may not be possible. I want the body and mechanicals to be rock solid.. no rust etc.

I also want this car to have a newish very well built motor that is turbo charged and running 300-400HP. I do not care that much about a fancy paint jobs.. I actually prefer if its a bit of a rat rod look. Like a functional interior..... and even having AC would be nice.I live in CA and its hot......

If you have a project that is near done and want out.. I have cash and willing to make a deal. Hit me up.... FYI I am based in the North Lake tahoe area. But I am willing to have the right car shipped out here.

If you know of any good Beetle hot rod shops that do this work on the west coast.. or someone that is selling one or would be open to sell one.. let me know
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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