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I got here by searching the strange noise coming from the engine compartment after turning the car off. It was strange to me, because I've had the car for over a year, and never heard it before. Ironic because I just had an oil change last week at the dealer.

Nitroscope8 had an answer to the sound >>>
Normal. it's the leak detection pump. After the engine is shut off, a small motor runs and pumps air into the fuel tank. It determines how much amperage is required to build X pressure in Y time. If all is in spec, the computer gets a signal that there are no leaks. If it's out of spec the MIL will be illuminated.


The EPC light came on last weekend but went off after turning the car off, and restarting. I couldn't find an explanation for it in the manual.

It's got over 70k miles on it, so maybe it's something that a scheduled service will take care of.
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