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Welding Concerns

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Hello! i am currently working on my 72 super i bought back in October of 2020, it had been sitting for about 15 years and i believe they had parked it during the winter months leaving salt to sit on the car so its pretty rusty. i have started welding and cutting and i feel im getting a little ahead of myself, i dont really know where to start i have bought a donor car for the panels so im set there however i will be moving across country in a little bit and would like to get the car in a little better shape for the trip out there ( i will no doubt be trailering it out there ) i have had a lot going on trying to finish our house remodel and working on the bug and would love to have help knowing where to start, any advice would help thanks for looking!
Images of rust areas here----> Google Drive: Sign-in
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If the donor car is rust free why not swap the bodies? You will need to remove body if pans need replaced. If not, watch lots of utube videos and read rustybug's posts here. He covered his restoration in detail on a severely rusted bug.
the donor car has front end damage and there are some spots that i have already cut into so unfortunately its to late to swap them but i also would like to keep the original body as much as i can
That makes sense then. Definitely search for rustybug's long post on his restoration.
Will do! Ill have to sit down and grab a snack it looks to be pretty long!
Very long. Almost in real time but very informative. You can skip through to the body repair part. He replaced pans, some patch panels and some smaller sheet metal patches.
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