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What is the box in the glove box?????

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Hello everyone,,
Having had six Passats and none of them have ever been on the back of a breakdown truck I am firmly a VW man.
However I always fancied the CC as they look so cool. (at 65 years old I can still say that-Right?)

OK. I bought a June 2014 GT CC in black. The parking sensors aren't working. I am getting it diagnosed next week. I am wondering if the little black box, about 110mm x 50mm, with a switch on the face of it, might be related to the fault. It is wired into the loom. It appears to be part of the loom cos it has that black material stuff on the wires. The other end of the box has three coloured phono Lucky Patcher sockets. It is inside the small glove box on the drivers side. Kodi I can put a picture on here if necessary. I suspect it may be related to the sensor fault as there were three detached phono connectors in the boot when I got it.
I wonder if anyone knows what it is please????
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